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Trust local people, trust people who have years of experience working with all of the major banks, and with many, many homeowners in this valley. The team of licensed negotiators at Stop Utah Foreclosure is able to present quick solutions to your lenders, expediting the Short Sale process for you. They have a proven record of success by skillfully mitigating the many transaction challenges that can arise in the process.

And unlike other companies, we do not have to search for a buyer, we will buy your house. At Stop Utah Foreclosure, we go out of our way to get to know your specific problems and needs; and we strive and succeed in securing complete resolutions from your lenders, ensuring you have no further obligations to them.

Please understand, we do not charge you any fees; our compensation comes from the bank when we arrive at mutually agreeable solutions for all. (See our about page)

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If you have questions about how we can buy your house and save your credit, just call!… You won’t get a sales pitch, or be obligated in any way, and it won’t cost you a dime. (801) 718-6156.